Naturopathy. The healing of mind, body and soul, Naturally.


Naturopathy. healing of mind, body and soul. Naturally

Naturopathy, is a drugless system of medicine, an ancient science which integrates the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of our natural constitution. Naturopathic medicine is a system that uses natural remedies to help the body heal itself. The following are the important principles of naturopathy:-

  • When the cause of the disease is removed, the body will use its inherent abilities to heal itself, and the use of natural treatments can help influence these abilities.
  • Emphasises to Treat the whole person — that means mind, body, and spirit.
  • Aims to heal the root causes of illness — not just stop the symptoms.
  • Lays special emphasis on healthy lifestyle practices and ensuring the long-term well-being
  • Ailments develop due to the presence of intoxicants which can be removed.
  • Intoxicants cause diseases, not bacteria and viruses which simply feed off them.
  • Nature itself is the best ‘doctor’, the patient is cured, not the ailment.
  • Treats all the aspects like physical, mental, social and spiritual at the same time.
  • Treats the body as a whole.
  • “Food is only the Medicine”, no external medications are used.

It embraces many therapies, including herbs, massage, acupuncture, exercise, and nutritional counselling. Some of its treatments are centuries old. And today, it combines traditional treatments with modern science.

Techniques of Naturopathy

The classifications of the techniques and therapies of Naturopathy.

Diet Therapy 

  • Food should be consumed in its natural form as much as possible.
  • For the food itself is regarded as medicine.
  • Fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables, fresh green leafy vegetables and sprouts
  • It’s strongly against packaged and processed food.
  • Food must be consumed in the correct proportion to ensure good health
  • Eating 75% of your appetite and leaving the stomach a little empty.
  • the diet should consist of 20% acidic and 80% alkaline food

Fasting therapy

Fasting is primarily the act of willingly abstaining from some or all food, drink, or both, for a period of time. Fasting is an important treatment for health preservation. In fasting, mental preparedness is an essential pre-condition. Prolonged fasting should be done only under the supervision of a competent Naturopath

Mud Therapy

Mud Therapy is a very simple and effective treatment. It is used to extract intoxicants from the body. Both mud baths and mud packs are used, to eradicate ailments such as high blood pressure, tension headaches, anxiety, constipation, plus gastric and skin disorders.


Hydrotherapy is the treatment of disorders using different forms of water in various ways. Hydrothermal therapy additionally uses its temperature effects, as in hot & cold baths, saunas, wraps, etc and in all its forms-solid, fluid, vapour, ice and steam, internally and externally. Some of the common baths are

  • Hip Bath- Cold, Neutral, Hot, Stiz Bath and alternative hip bath.
  • Spinal Bath & Spinal Spray:-Cold, Neutral, Hot
  • Foot and Arm Bath
  • Steam Inhalation & Steam Bath
  • Sauna Bath
  • Sponge Bath

Massage Therapy 

Massage involves acting on and manipulating the body with pressure. Massage can be applied with the hands, fingers, elbows, knees, forearm, and feet. There are over eighty different recognized massage modalities. It aims at improving blood circulation and strengthening bodily organs. Various oils with therapeutic effects are used as lubricants like mustard oil, sesame oil, coconut oil, olive oil, aroma oils etc.


Acupressure is a healing art that uses the fingers to press ‘AcuPoints’ (Energy stored points/key points ) in a certain manner to stimulate the body’s natural self-curative abilities. When these key points are pressed, they release muscular tension and promote the circulation of blood.


Hence Naturopathy can be counted for removing ailments and disorders from the human body and also for maintaining well being and a healthy body. The beauty of Naturopathy is that it’s chemicals free and uses things which are completely natural and safe.

April 16, 2019


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