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Why storytelling is crucial for kids mental growth?

Storytelling is an age-old technique that dates back to the early years of human history. It’s by far one of the most efficient, influential and effective ways of passing knowledge and wisdom and shaping the vision and perspective of a target audience.  

Kids have a natural flair for stories and parents can easily shape their minds by narrating good stories to them every day. Parents can start this practice even with infants and make it an important part of their schedule. Narrating stories before hitting the sack and a little chit chat regarding their small world can help you form a very strong bond with your child. 

There are so many benefits of inculcating and nurturing this amazing habit in your child’s routine, some are:-

Introduction to new vocabulary

Listening to new stories every day enhances a child’s vocabulary. Inferring the meaning of new words initiate meaning-making activity and language learning.

Enhances listening skills

It’s usually seen that kids like to talk more rather than listen. And this behaviour can be seen in classrooms where kids have a hard time to listen to their teachers and parents at home. But kids who have a habit of listening to stories, become better listeners and understand more. All thanks to the habit of listening to the storyteller carefully so that they don’t miss anything.

Great learning and thinking activity

Storytelling is a great learning activity, where a child learns by asking questions. Parents should use different ways to make their child more curious and engaged. And also should encourage them to ask questions(as it makes them think). They learn to associate images in the book with the story and this develops their visualisation capacity and imagination.

Helps to instil moral values and virtues in kids

Stories leave a great impact on kids vulnerable and tender brains. So values like gratitude, kindness, honesty, benevolence, etc can be inculcated in kids through the medium of good stories.

Enhances learning and understanding skills

Storytelling is a unique way of making kids learn and understand even difficult topics with ease. Try to ask questions from the stories you narrate to your child at random. But ensure you make it sound like a fun activity (but don’t create a fuss if they don’t revert at once). This will help them remember things for long and will, in turn, pay even more attention to your stories. 

Promotes emotional intelligence and teaches empathy

Emotional intelligence is the ability to manage emotions in a healthy way. Through stories, kids learn to put themselves in others’ shoes and understand what they feel. And this helps them to be sensitive to other’s feelings.

Mend behavioural issues

If there are some behaviour issues or you want your child to shed some troublesome habits, try to frame your stories that they can connect to and can convey the menace of bad habits and manners. 

In my case, my daughter loves to hear stories about princesses. So whatever and whenever I want her to learn or make her realize her mistakes, I frame it in a princess related story and convey the desired message. This way she quickly understands where she went wrong and how she can mend it. It has really helped me make her quit some nasty habits.

Communication Skills

Story fond kids have better language skills as they learn so many words and sentences every day. Such kids can easily express themselves, and also understand others.


Storytelling is an art that even technology cannot beat. Digital storytelling is becoming very popular but this does not do any justice to the magic of verbal storytelling. There are umpteen storytelling options on the internet but they never do the magic that story in your words can do.

Indulge in a quality storytelling time with your kids. Hold them in your arms or cuddle together on a couch or bed and amaze them with your skills.

These moments will strengthen your bond and will bring you even closer to your kids. Try to share stories of all genres. Be it mythological stories, classic fairy tales or tales about space and the future. The right narrative will guarantee an impressed and happy child.


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