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Travelling with Kids – A Cakewalk

Well, travelling with kids of any age group can be a cakewalk for parents who are too scared to venture out of their as well as their kid’s comfort zone. Wondering how? Read on and I am sure you will be glad that you didn’t skip reading it. In this article, I ‘ve jotted down a few tips and advises which are totally first hand (as I ‘ve gained this gyaan from my own experience with my little one)

Before moving forward, lemme tell you that I am a mother of let’s say a very very difficult child. Trying new things with her or doing basic things with her called for a hell lot of patience from day one. And travelling was no exception to this. But my passion for travelling, well preparedness and a little push from my kind husband made it happen and things started falling in our pace. Now our little bundle of joy is a keen traveller and loves to go places with us.

Going out with children does take a little more effort and patience for both the parents. But trust me, now is the right time to go out and have a ball with your kids and make beautiful memories which all of you will cherish for a lifetime. With growing kids, curriculum, responsibilities, regularity issues will burgeon too. So seize the day my friend, pack your bags and head-on.

Without delaying further let the gyaan flow.

Thorough research

Deeply researched itineraries and travel plans
 Research. Tips and tricks on how to master it.

Solo travellers just have to make arrangements for accommodation, conveyance and Visas and they are good to go. But while travelling with family you must do extensive research on every detail of your trip. It is very important when it comes to picking up the destination and preparing itineraries.

  1. While selecting a destination, do check the best time to visit so that you don’t fall victim to extreme temperatures or heavy rains.
  2. Go for kids friendly resorts and airlines and try to read the fine print for details so you don’t have to face disappointment at the last moment. Kids friendly resorts and hotels are always more sensitive to kids and parents’ needs as compared to business hotels.  Airbnb can also be searched for a studio apartment or room.
  3.  Try to pick a hotel near the downtown area or at least one which has good stores nearby to supply for basic needs of your child which include milk(please go for tetra packs which last longer after opening), yoghurt, etc. Room service in hotels do provide stuff but in the wee hours you cant expect quick service for your hungry and cranky child (and apart from this expensive hotels may charge you a fortune for these services)
  4. Be thorough with the traffic rules of the country you are visiting in case you intend to take rental cars for moving around and about. Do ensure if car seats are mandatory or not and till what age of children.  For kids above the age of 3 years, Mifold car seats can be purchased. They are very portable and easily available online. In cities like London, many cab drivers provide you with Mifold car seats. But Mifold car seats cannot be used for infants.

Basic Medical supplies

First aid box containing basic medical supplies

Basic Medical supplies for your family

Visit your kid’s paediatrician and request him to pin down all the medicines that your child might need(including nausea, upset belly, fever, cold and cough, a sedative, painkiller, antibiotics, etc). Also, ensure that your ward is well vaccinated. Buy all the medicines and try to store them in a spill-proof container(cuboid shape would be better because you will be able to put them vertically) This container would act as your ward’s first aid whenever and wherever you step out. And don’t forget to make a first aid for you two as well.


different kinds of strollers

Buy a stroller that can help you easily navigate through your life with your little one.

These are a boon for parents when it comes to stepping out with the little ones, as they can easily take a nap in here and won’t tire away quickly. If you haven’t bought one yet then try to invest in the one that has the following features:-

  • sturdy
  • comes with attachments like a car seat, bassinet, etc
  • adjustable 
  • easy to fold and unfold
  • flat reclining seat
  • big sunshade to shade the little rider completely
  • has roomy baskets for storage
  • has strong and all-terrain wheels
  • adjustable footrest for growing legs
  • comes with a rain cover

Soothers and feeders

Soothers, nibblers and feeder bottles, suitable for infants.
 Soothers, Feeders, Nibblers and Teethers

If you are travelling by air with your infant or toddler for that matter, please try to give a soother or his/her feeder bottle or a  fruit nibbler while taking off as well as at the time of landing. The reason for this is variation in air pressure which can cause severe pain in your ward’s ears. Swallowing, sucking and yawning help equalise the pressure and ease out the pain. Older children can be given juices to drink or even a chewing gum to chew onto. Water sippers can do the trick for toddlers.


Avoid group travels

momzvoyage family's wolfgang travel picture

Avoid travelling in big groups.

Travelling with big groups can be a little tricky for the parents, as well as for the co-travellers as kids tend to move at their own pace and mothers have to follow the suit. Delays often lead to disappointments and clashes in the group.


Special Assistance

Special assistance ques must be used when travelling with kids.

At Airports and Hotels, especially, where travellers have to spend a long time, its difficult to stand with your little ones in tow. Hence, special assistance sections and ques are made available for people travelling with kids and for senior citizens too. So next time you travel by air with your family, simply line up in special assistance and ques and save yourself from trouble and of course you can save a lot of time too. 


Sorted Diaper Bag or Backpack

Travel packing made easy

Sorted Travel And Diaper bags

Always pack a set of extra clothing, including under clothing for the entire family in your cabin baggage when travelling by air which comes to your rescue in case of flight delays or unexpected situations. Labelled Ziplock packing saves a lot of time and effort.  Try to make a checklist of all the things that you want to carry for your little one. Lemme jot down a few things from my own checklist for a diaper bag:-
  1. Two sets of extra clothing to combat the risk of spilling or dirtying.
  2. Wet wipes, bibs and face towels
  3. Good diapers and a diaper rash cream  ( good diaper rash cream is always very thick and greasy, one which can form a thick layer on baby’s tender skin)
  4. Soothers, feeder bottles and water sippers.
  5. Your child’s all favourite snacks must be packed and stocked well to combat their hunger pangs if they don’t like the available options in-flight/trains or in restaurants, etc. I always make sure to stock well all her favourite cookies, chips, snacks, cheese cubes, sweets, candies and chocolates in my backpacks and luggage. These come to my rescue all the time
  6. A good tiffin box. Wondering why? Well, some parents might hesitate to follow this advice but trust me it will really be beneficial for you and the apple of your eyes. Wherever and whenever you sit down to eat something just pack something for your ward(of course of his choice) in a tiffin box. This will help you calm down your kid’s hunger pangs when you won’t have many options available. Generally, hotels which provide morning buffet option, allow you to pack stuff for your little one and some go over the board to help you in every possible manner.
  7.  A light blanket or top sheet for the stroller nap hours.
  8. A bottle warmer, a sterilizer and an electric kettle of your own can be of great help.


Kids Entertainment and Engagement

kids entertainment
Keep all the stuff required for Kids entertainment and engagement during the journey hours.

Keeping your child entertained during the flight, or in a train or car is very important, else boredom can turn an otherwise happy child into a cranky and irritable one. Pick your ward’s favourite stuffed toy/ blocks/books/ crayons and colouring book/ tabs, etc to keep them engaged and happy. Their attention span is generally short so some of their favourite snacks and juices also will be of great help.  Having their favourite stuff around them will also help them combat the feeling of being away from their home.


Kids Play Zones and Baby Sitters

A play room of kids and a baby sitter
Babysitters and play zones are a saviour for parents while travelling.

Many good hotels render the facility of providing good babysitters. So if you intend to spend some quality time with your spouse, you can always avail of this facility. Just make sure that your child and your gut is comfortable with the babysitter. Many hotels and airports too, have play zones, where you can drop your kids for a few hours.


Download all Useful Apps in your Phone or Tab

useful travel apps

Download these useful travel apps which come very handy

Preparing for your holiday also calls for an updated Phone or Tab, with all the useful apps which come to your rescue every now and then. These include Google, Google Maps, Google Translate, Uber, Tripadvisor, Airbnb, Redbus, etc.


A calm head and a positive attitude

Positive attitude
A calm head and a positive attitude is the key to a great family trip.

Parents should move ahead with a positive attitude and well preparedness. If you encounter any problem, they stay calm and lose your holiday spirit. Problems come your way to teach you new things and make you a better traveller.


Hope this article would motivate you to plan a family trip asap. If you would like me to add something that I ‘ve missed, then please don’t hesitate to mention. Your feedback is very important. So don’t forget to leave your comments below.

April 16, 2019